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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If you cannot find answers to your questions related to foreign languages, please contact us at vyuka@primalingua.cz

What do I need to do to get a certified translation?

An official/certified translation is attached to either an original or verified copy, therefore, you can either hand it over to our contact person or send via post to your nearest PRIMA LINGUA branch office. 

Can I trust the deadline and quality requirements will be met?

PRIMA LINGUA has been on the market for nearly 20 years. We have learnt how to manage time and meet translation deadlines.  We have a broad portfolio of reliable translators and suppliers proven with time.

What is a standardized page?

It is 1800 characters including spaces. Go to prima-preklady.cz and download your document to get a precise count and quotation for your translation. We have tools to reduce th translation price if some of the text is repeated.

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